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Pickleball, a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, has become a sensation among sports enthusiasts, and advanced players are constantly seeking ways to elevate their game. In this article, we will explore advanced pickleball strategies and techniques that can help players improve their skills and excel on the court. To add depth and authenticity to our discussion, we'll sprinkle in some valuable insights from professional pickleball players.

1. Dinking and Third Shot Drop

One of the fundamental strategies in advanced pickleball is the art of "dinking." Dinking involves using soft, controlled shots to keep the ball in play and maintain control of the point. As professional player Kyle Yates emphasizes, "Mastering the dink is crucial for control and patience. It's the foundation of the game."

"Mastering the dink is crucial for control and patience. It's the foundation of the game."

- Kyle Yates

Additionally, advanced players often rely on the "Third Shot Drop" technique. This strategic move allows players to regain control of the net after serving. Pro player Ben Johns explains, "The third shot drop is a must-have skill in your arsenal. It sets the tone for the point."

2. Positioning and Court Awareness

Court awareness is another critical aspect of advanced pickleball. Knowing where you and your opponents are on the court is key. As Simone Jardim, a professional player, highlights, "Court awareness is crucial. Anticipate the ball's trajectory and be in the right position to respond effectively." Proper positioning allows players to anticipate the play and gain a strategic advantage.

Sarah Ansboury further emphasizes the importance of positioning, stating, "Keep the ball away from your opponent's stronger side. Positioning can be a game-changer." Understanding your opponents' strengths and weaknesses and positioning yourself accordingly can significantly impact the outcome of a game.

"Positioning can be a game-changer."

- Sarah Ansboury

3. Volleys and Overheads

Volleying and overhead shots play a pivotal role in advanced pickleball. Professional player Tyson McGuffin stresses their importance: "Strong volleys and overheads put pressure on your opponents. Mastering these skills is essential for controlling the game." Precise placement and quick reflexes are crucial for effective volleys and overheads.

"Strong Volleys and overheads put pressure on your opponents."

- Tyson McGuffin

Lucy Kovalova, another pro player, advises, "Keep your volleys low and controlled. It limits your opponent's options." By keeping the ball low and controlled, players can restrict their opponents' ability to counterattack effectively.


4. Footwork and Quick Reflexes

Efficient footwork and quick reflexes are vital for advanced pickleball players. Irina Tereschenko notes, "Good footwork helps you reach the ball efficiently and set up for powerful shots. Quick reflexes can turn the tide in your favor." Being able to move swiftly and react promptly can make a significant difference during fast-paced rallies.

"Good footwork helps you reach the ball efficiently."

- Irina Tereschenko

Kyle Yates adds, "Always stay on your toes and be ready to move. The game is fast, and agility is a huge advantage." Staying agile and prepared to respond to any situation can give players a competitive edge.

5. Serve Variety

Serving is a critical aspect of pickleball, and advanced players often incorporate a variety of serves to keep their opponents guessing. Dave Weinbach suggests, "Mix up your serves with pace, spin, and placement. It keeps your opponents guessing and off balance." Diversifying serves can create uncertainty and disrupt your opponents' rhythm.

Ben Johns advises, "A well-placed serve can set the tone of the point. Work on consistency and placement." The placement and consistency of your serves are key elements that can determine the outcome of a point.

"Work on consistency and placement."

Ben Johns

6. PPA Tour and Competitive Play

For those looking to take their skills to the next level, participating in the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour is a great opportunity. As Tyson McGuffin highlights, "The PPA Tour showcases the best talent and provides a stage for professional pickleball players to compete at the highest level." The PPA Tour offers a platform for top professionals to display their skills and compete in high-stakes tournaments.

Simone Jardim points out, "The PPA Tour is a great opportunity for players to challenge themselves and gain experience in high-stakes competitions." Competing on this stage allows players to push their limits and gain invaluable experience.


Advanced pickleball strategies and techniques are essential for players looking to elevate their game. Incorporating dinking, improving positioning, mastering volleys and overheads, refining footwork and reflexes, diversifying serves, and participating in competitive platforms like the PPA Tour can significantly enhance a player's performance. By implementing these strategies and techniques, advanced pickleball players can continue to excel on the court and enjoy the dynamic world of this thrilling sport.


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