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PB101 Rules

Pickleball Basic Rules

The Court

A pickleball court is a rectangular area that measures 20 feet wide and 44 feet long for doubles play. For singles play, the court is 20 feet wide and 22 feet long. The court is divided into specific zones, including the non-volley zone (kitchen). The net should be hung at a height of 36 inches at the sidelines and 34 inches at the center.​ Pickleballs that land on the court line are considered in.

Pickleball Terms

Paddle: The equipment used to hit the pickleball. It's a solid, perforated surface with a handle.

Pickleball: The plastic ball used in the game. It has holes in it and is similar in size to a wiffle ball.

Dink: A soft and controlled shot that is hit just over the net, often used to strategically place the ball in difficult positions for your opponent.

Volley: Hitting the ball in the air without letting it bounce, typically near the net.

Kitchen: Also known as the "Non-Volley Zone," this is the area close to the net where you are not allowed to hit the ball in the air. You must let it bounce before hitting it if you're in this zone.

Baseline: The back boundary line of the court, which is the farthest point from the net.

Side-Out: When the serving team loses their serve and the opposing team gets the chance to serve.

Fault: A mistake or error in serving, such as stepping on or over the baseline or into the non-volley zone while serving.

Deuce: When the score is tied at 10-10, or in some cases, 9-9, and one more point is needed to win.

Third Shot Drop: A specific shot that is used on the third shot of the rally to softly place the ball in the kitchen.

Drive: A harder, low shot with speed and power, often used to put pressure on the opponent.

Ernie: A shot where a player, usually from the non-volley zone, quickly moves to the side to hit a ball before it bounces.

Pickleball Line Judge: An official who assists in making line calls during tournaments and competitive play.

In and Out: Refers to whether a ball has landed within the court boundaries (in) or outside the boundaries (out).

Rally: A sequence of shots and volleys exchanged between the two teams.

PB101 Terms
PB101 Tips

5 Tips For Playing Good Pickleball

1. Perfect The Basics

  • Start with the fundamentals: grip, stance, and stroke techniques. A solid foundation in these areas will improve your consistency and accuracy.

  • Work on your dinking and third-shot drop shots, as these are essential for maintaining control and positioning during rallies.


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